Friday, September 12, 2014

SHARING A THOUGHT (written on September 11)

Today is September 11, 2014, or the anniversary of 9-11. Many people are posting and talking about 9-11. I have seen many posts saying "I remember" or "We remember."

America, I ask you "do you truly remember?" On 9-11, the terrorists flew plans into the World Trade Center Towers and the Pentagon, and another one targeted the White House. Although, the plans were aimed the "power symbols" of America, the terrorists attacked America.

They did not attack Black America or White America, Rich America or Poor America, Democrat America or Republican America, Southern America or Northern America, Homosexual America or Heterosexual America, Married America or Single America, Liberal America or Conservative America, Highly Educated America or Minimally Educated America, Gun Totting America or Without Weapons America, Man America or Woman America, Religious America or Spiritual America, Well-fed America or Hungry America....they attacked America.

We keep saying we remember, but did we learn. The terrorist attacked one big United States of America with planes aimed at America. What do we do, we take our positions, opinions, beliefs and judgments and aim them at each other. Do you remember what it was like to hear that someone attacked this country? So why we attacking each other?

Let us remember 9-11. Let us learn from 9-11, and let us heal from 9-11....and all the 9-11's we each have experienced in our lives.

Just sharing my thoughts, nothing more nothing less.

Disagree or agree, not my issue.
Defriend me (on fb), not my issue.
Want to argue, not my issue.

My issue right now, lunch.

Peace (that deep healing peace) to everyone,

Thursday, August 28, 2014

The true essence of spirituality cannot be taught through reading a book, attending a lecture, listening to a sermon/message, receiving a message/insight/prophesy or memorizing someone's teachings. To understand spirituality, one must experience life. Wisdom, insight, clarity, growth, truth, expanding consciousness and reconnecting to your divinity and the sacredness in the purity of your heart can best be, or dare I say, can only be fully appreciated through the experience of one's self in one's own life.

Reflections from a midday walk
Rev. Anthony Farmer
There is an energy vibrating through the world. It is not new, its been here for a long time, but it seems to be intensifying. It is an energetic-vibration that shows up as hate directed at others, disrespect directed at others, dehumanization directed at others, disregard for life - human and life in general, justification for acts of violence based on a distorted abuse of spiritual and universal truth, self-loathing that is disguised as protecting personal rights, deception with a smile, the effects of drinking their own brainwashing kool-aid. There is no law created by man, no legislation passed by any political body, no social justice campaign that can change the hearts of those who live from this energetic-vibration. That change of heart is an inside job, and can only be done by the owner of the heart.

What is the answer? Love and light, remembering who you are, love and light, knowing who you are, love and light....not to change them....but to not allow them to change you. Be the love and light that you are. Be a demonstration of love and light in action. Be the unique expression of love and light that you are, and that you came here to be. Be the love and light that is the core of who you truly are. It is the love and light that the mystics, spiritual teachers, gurus speak about. It is the love and light that is the golden truth in the heart of all religions and spiritual walks of life.

Be the love and light. Anything else is just a reaction to the wave of heaviness vibrating through the world.

The vibration of love and light; it is who you are.

just sharing a thought

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

A Visit with Brother Vulture: Conversation 031014

Conversations with The Elders

NOTE:  Conversations with the Elders: The Sacred Journeys Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 E-Books are available.   The links:

Conversations with the Elders is an “e-journal" of my experiences and conversations with The Elders.  I meet with the Elders at their log cabin high in the mountains.  They share wisdom, guidance, perspectives, stories, and love. The guidance is for me to listen and learn, and then share with others.

"...listening to our elders is one of the most important things we can do. I've learned a lot and have had good teachers. You always learn a lot from your elders - its important to sit and listen to them."
 Herman “TJ” Laffoon

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A Visit with Brother Vulture
March 10, 2014

Five days ago, my father transitioned to spirit; his journey home.  I, my stepmother and two aunts were present with him during his transition in the hospital, room 530.  On the drive to Richmond that morning, I was reminded that one of my responsibilities was to help prepare and guide him on his new journey.

During the time since his transition, I have been grieving, and seeking clarity and understanding of this experience with him.  Today, I decided to have a conversation with the Elders.  I wanted to be with them, hear their perspective and receive whatever blessings available by being in their presence.

I journeyed to the mountain and sat beneath the oak tree.  This has become the sacred place where we meet.  They told me to go to the oak tree and they would join me there.  The Elder of Water, the Elder of Earth, the Elder of Air and the Elder of Fire arrived.  They sat with me beneath the oak tree.  I hoped to see another Elder; however, it may not be his time.  Today’s conversation was with the five of us.

I looked out from beneath the oak tree, and noticed a large vulture flying nearby.  Brother Vulture glided around the mountain with minimal beating of the wings.  Just before journeying to this sacred space beneath the oak tree, a Turkey Vulture had flown overhead.  I knew then Brother Vulture was a signal.

I smiled and shared with the Elders, “I have noticed Turkey Vultures flying very close to me.  One even flew into the backyard, for the first time that I am aware.  I know its presence, and my seeing them, is a message.  I know it’s a medicine, generally speaking.  However, I sense that there they have more to share with me.”

The Elder of Air said, “Invite him into your heart, and listen to his wisdom, receive his gift.”

I replied, “Yes!”

We stood and formed a circle beneath the oak tree.  The Elders closed their eyes, and chanted and hummed.  I knew this was a form of prayer of blessing the space as I invited Brother Vulture into my heart.  I closed my eyes, breathed in deeply and exhaled.  I imagined my heart opening.  I was ready to receive.

From within my sacred silence, I spoke out to the spirit of Brother Vulture, “I know you have wisdom for me, more than what I know.  I invite you into this space and into my heart to share your medicine.  I am ready and honored to receive.”

The Elders became quiet. I felt a breeze around me, and realized it was from the wings of Brother Vulture.  I smiled as the breeze increased in intensity.  Then I felt Brother Vulture fly into my heart.

Inside my heart, I saw Brother Vulture and myself together.  He was perched on the branch of a tree and I stood a few feet out from the tree.  We connected eye-to-eye and heart-to-heart.

In a soft whisper he said, “Brother Eagle, I come to you to bring the gift of vulture energy.  You fly with many bird spirits.  You fly truth.  The wisdom of the air is your gift.  Yes, you have several gifts.  I come to awaken this one in you.  A feather is granted to you.”

He flapped his mighty wings and one feather dislodged from his right wing.  It floated down to me.  I open my arms and heart as the feather flew into my heart.

Brother Vulture continued, “Be not afraid of this gift or your power.  Your heart is the key.  Use it to unlock the mysteries waiting for you.  I will be close.  See you soon.”

I felt him leave my heart.  He left the circle and flew high into the sky.

The Elders began humming and chanting again.  I remained silent, breathing as I received and integrated his gift, his presence and the experience.  I have learned to receive the blessing; it is the first step.  Revelation, clarity and understanding will come soon.

As we remained in sacred space, I felt the energy of the words gratitude, thankfulness and honor rise out from my heart.  Into the circle, I gently spoke, “I am grateful.  I am thankful.  I am honored.”  After each statement, the Elders confirmed that by chanting louder.

We exhaled together, which completed the ritual.  We returned to our seats beneath the oak tree.  The mighty oak held us in sacredness.  The Elders stayed with me—spiritual companions of truth and compassion.  I looked out and noticed blue sky and the white clouds.  I felt blessed from the experience.  My heart was full.

Copyright © 2014 Anthony L. Farmer All Rights Reserved

Reverend Anthony Farmer

Sunday, December 8, 2013


We know that the Creator is always communicating with us (sometimes through us). The Creator does not wait for a time that is ideal for us to receive the message. It is for us to be open and receptive at all times (as best we can). Today, as I am eating dinner and watching "Lord of the Rings/The Return of the King," I sensed a call coming forth.

I heard, "honor the call." Then clarity came forth through the movie. "We each will get a call; the call to our journey. We answer the call, Yes; sometimes with nothing more than the call. We honor the call my taking the first step on the journey, and then we continue the journey. It is more than just answering the call, we must follow the guidance of the call and honor the call.

When I sat quietly in the garden, I received, "follow your heart."

Rev Anthony ~ Rev. Bear

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Be a Testimony of Your Belief

It is a beautiful thing that we can live together and have different beliefs.  Being human does not require that we all believe the same thing, or the same way.  Being human does require that we respect ourselves and each other, and our right to believe.  You must believe in what you say you believe.  Your belief is your belief.  You do not have to prove someone else’s belief is wrong, for yours to be right.  You have yours and they have theirs.  Nor do you need to defend your beliefs to anyone, especially yourself.  There is a distinction between sharing your testimony and defending your beliefs.  Defending your beliefs requires a conversation with another, or with yourself.  Defending your beliefs requires opening your mouth and sharing your words.  Sharing your testimony of your beliefs requires opening your heart and being.  The most profound way to share your testimony is to be a demonstration of what you believe. 

Rev. Anthony Farmer